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Project Setup Steps

Free Initial Consultation

Free initial consultation is essentially a time for us to get to know your business and you to get to know our company . its totally free and our project consultant will visit clients and discuss more in detail about project and advise on which is better platform to go according to there clients budget. we are very affordable.

Why consultations are important for you?

  • Get to know Digital Impact and our experience
  • Feedback on new ideas about your own project
  • Understand what’s needed from you
  • Estimated timescales

Why consultation are important for us?

  • We get to know you and your business goals
  • We get a flavour of the kind of design you want
  • We gain an understanding of the site’s functionality
  • We discover what content your website requires

Web Design Process


Both party signed the agreement and keep copy for future reference.

Terms and Conditions:  The standard bits and bobs detailing how our development process works and project contingencies.

Discovery Phase 

Your business is main – and as such, so are your needs. The Discovery Phase is where your needs are articulated. We then take the reins and collectively brainstorm, research, and combine your needs with our technical knowledge to create a solid plan.

Requirement Definition

We gather a list of your requirements and begin formulating a plan. Done through documentation, site analysis, and more, this step ensures that we each understand expectations and helps to ensure a happy, profitable client.

Project Schedule :  Project Manager will schedule time for the design, development and testing of your website. This lets us provide you with a Project Schedule and gives you an idea of what is happening and when. he also grant access to client to monitored live in real time status of project while our team working. The Project Schedule allows the process to flow as smoothly as possible and makes you fully aware of everything that’s going on.

Wire Frame Design

Cityxpert technical team will create a website wireframe visual guide that represents the skeletal framework of a website. Wireframes are created for the purpose of arranging elements to best accomplish a particular purpose.The purpose is usually being informed by a business objective and a creative idea.

We use wireframes to get your feedback on the design structure and make sure no important elements are missing from the pages. Everything is kept under the close guidance of the Project Manager, which ensures that all design stays true to your initial vision.

Wireframe purpose is to make sure we document the necessary details to make a project functionally accurate in the annotated wireframes we produce. We focus on producing wireframes that are quick to build and look good, but that aren’t over designed, so we can keep our audience focused on the functional specification. This process enables us to get feedback early on in the project by doing quick wireframes.

Website Design

Once you’ve approved the wireframes, our designers get to work on the full design of the website. This is basically filling in the blanks and adding substance to the skeleton.

This stage typically begins after the information architecture, wireframes and technical system design has been finalized. New Signature develops the graphical interface that will represent CIS on the web and the mechanisms through which the end user will navigate and interact with the site.

New Signature will develop multiple concepts of the new website and work with CIS through multiple rounds of revisions to create a unique and powerful design. This design will emphasize usability, but also provide an attractive web presence for CIS offcourse its repsonsive design which work for all platform.

Front End Design is to understands the importance of maintaining a professional and clean look and easy to use navigation. New Signature will focus on developing a website design for CIS that uses color, font and layout and also content to stand out more, communicate effectively and ultimately be memorable.

Design Sign Off

These designs reflect exactly how your website will look on a desktop , mobile , tablet screen so we want to make sure we’ve got them right. We will only ask for sign off when you’re completely happy with the look of the website.

Website Development

Content Creation It is important for CIS to begin preparing any new content, or updating existing content as early as possible in this process. An important component of this process will be the definition of the site’s “content classes”.Here again, working with a professional writer who knows how to format and provide clear, concise copy, makes the process go smoothly and the end result better. Minor edits will likely be made before launch, but loading in copy that is organized and approved is the ideal process. All our contents written by technical writer which they have industry experience are also seo friendly so when submit to search engine that allow higher level ranking itself . Read more (hyperlink with website package once click).

Development is the Root part of making a website and populate content with seo friendly tag added . You can look at them as mechanics that build your train. Getting into details here would probably turn you away from the infographic, but let’s just say this: every link, even the simplest elements of your website have many lines of code working in the background.

Development Environment In order to facilitate the rapid development and deployment of the responsive website we will setup a development server and utilize a version control system for all programming code. We will use our own hardware and software to setup this robust development environment. we add meta tag on all pages which give very good respond to appear on search engine.

Programming, Customization During this phase We will customize the base technologies that were selected in the design phase. This includes some amount of custom programming. For example, uses Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to separate the underlying structure of the data from its presentation. Developing websites in CSS also allows pages to load more quickly, compatibility with multiple platforms and devices, and improved control over page display.

The other important step is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO is the optimization of website elements ( e.g., title, description, keyword) that can help your site achieve higher rankings in the search engines. And, once again, valid code is pretty important for SEO which added on your site.

Testing, Review and Launch

Testing is probably the most routine part of a process. Every single link should be tested to make sure that there are no broken ones among them. You should check every form, every script, run a spell-checking software to find possible typos. Use code validators to check if your code follows the current web standards. Valid code is necessary, for example, if cross-browser compatibility is important for you.

After you check and re-check your website, it’s time to upload it to a server. An FTP (File Transfer Protocol) software is used for that purpose. After you deployed the files, you should run yet another, final test to be sure that all your files have been installed correctly . After the website has been uploaded to the hosting server, a final run through is conducted to ensure that the site performs without any problem.

The demo is the first time you see your live working site so there may be the odd minor detail that you want update or changed. It’s here that we make these changes and put the final finishing to your website. This typically includes things like simple changes to text, images or alignment. Once everyone agrees the site is ready to go, we schedule a ‘go live’ date.

Finally, the website design team adds finer details to the website to optimize its functionality and performance like plug in installation, on page SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and page speed optimization. On a final note, you should know that the web development process takes a lot of time and effort. Designing a visually appealing website that stands out from the competition is an uphill task. But the rewards are certainly greater than the effort, cost, and time required to craft a beautiful website.

Website Support Helps When Life Gets Busy

There are a few things that absolutely have to be maintained to keep your website functioning things like your domain name. It’s actually pretty easy to forget to renew that (very) important little string of characters (no matter how many times GoDaddy sends you reminder emails). Thankfully, with website support, your domain is on someone else’s checklist (if you have web support with cityxpert , it’s on more than one person’s checklist, just in case . So no matter how busy your life gets, your website will still be busy getting traffic, because your domain name won’t expire — and neither will anything else, for that matter.

At Cityxpert almost all our sites are sold with our high standard web hosting and support package included . Why? Because effective websites change and evolve, and cityxpert places high value in providing a long-term, holistic web solution rather than leaving you to figure it all out yourself. We’re your website partner, not just your website company ‘we support our client through out year.

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