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Mobile App Development for Android and IOS

Small Business Website Mobile App

Are you looking for a creative, reliable and experienced company in London to develop your mobile app either your small or large business we cover for both category Cityxpert serves as a valuable partner in provisioning high quality, scalable and resourceful mobile information solutions to its clientele from any type of industries and backgrounds. As our prime focus is highly oriented towards mobile applications for Android, iPhone, iPad and other mobile apps for a wide range of different platforms.

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We specialize in the following mobile app development operations:

Android based applications

iPhone based applications

iPad based applications

Mobile websites

Enterprise level applications

GPS/location based applications
Food Delivery

Food Delivery

Any Small Business Website


Solutions for Startups

We love working with startups! using our expertise and experience to shape and mould the direction of your mobile app and helping you step-by-step to transform your idea into a reality. We understand that you might be on a low budget,but we are very affordable and also if you might need more advice and help along the way of technology required to take your idea to market. We are the team for you.

How We Can Help

Innovative New App Idea

Have you got the next billion dollar App idea – maybe the next Uber or WhatsApp? With protection though our mutual NDA we’ll help you validate the feasibility of your App idea and help structure a roadmap to bring it to life. We’ll help you the next big artrepreneur in this booming industry!

Generate Revenue

Are you a retailer or looking for an App-based solution to revenue? Our Pocket Commerce framework was built with your mobile App in mind. Using industry best practices in mobile App development we can help you make money through an intuitive App solution. Whether its physical products or in-App purchases we can advise how to maximize your ROI.

Provide Extra Value

Already provide products and services to your customers? We can help you utilize App based technology in order to build extra value into your offering. The convenience, ability, and connectivity of smart phones mean they are ideal platforms to bring additional services to your current proposition.

Improve Business Process

Have you considered how you could streamline your business/enterprise using mobile tech? Apps provide a very broad range of opportunities to empower staff and improve efficiency. Bespoke App solutions have been proven to vastly improve daily activity enabling standout performance against competitors.